KPB is a leading provider of intelligent and collaborative 3-D Platform technologies. KPB is the pioneer in providing 'street-level' Real & Realistic™ 3-Dimensional applications. KPB builds the 3-D Information Infrastructure.

KPB received the Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Technological Achievement Award

KPB opened its China office in Shenzhen

KPB participated in the Seventh China High Tech Fair

KPB's city planning visualization solutions were overwhelmingly well received in Hong Kong's largest regional city planning ever, the West Kowloon Cultural District

Editorial reviews of KPB's products by two of the most influential newspapers in Hong Kong

KPB-3D.Security™ 2.0 the 3-D Command and Control Center security solutions that provide comprehensive operation and deployment planning capabilities with the use of high-precision immersive 3-D visualizations of the operation sites.

KPB offers complex large-scale city planning and development 3-D solutions through KPB-3D.Planner™3.0.
User is able to have the full flexibilities to navigate, pan, and view the future city developments / building constructions in a Real & Realistic™ 3-D environment during the planning and building phases (up to 'street-level' details)

Premium Architectural Perspective Rendering

Architecture Animation Video

Real & Realistic™ Walk-Through

High detailed-level 3-D building modeling